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Certified Factory
De Candelaer is an producer for all of the products offered in the on-line shop. We sell top Dutch products of the highest quality. A certificate of authenticity from the Chamber of Commerce Delft and one from De Candelaer  accompanies every purchase.


All the items are entirely painted by hand. This means that items will always be a little
different in style and color from the items shown on the website.

By accepting an e-mail confirming your order you enter into a contract with De Candelaer. De Candelaer reserves the right to limit the number of products in an order.

The prices of the items are specified on the site of De Candelaer and are included with 21% sales tax(V.A.T).

This information is subject to change without notice.

for destinations outside the EU we can deduct 21% sales tax (V.A.T)

With prior agreement De Candelaer will dispatch your order to the delivery address given.

The delivery times quoted on the site of De Candelaer. are estimated on the basis of availability, normal working procedures and postal delivery services.

In the event that an item arrives damaged, this must be reported to De Candelaer.  within one week by way of an e-mail accompanied by a digital photograph showing the damage.

After delivery you are responsible for the goods received.

Delivery times
We draw your attention to the fact that we are dependent on the varying delivery times of our suppliers. Deliveries within Holland will take 2-4 working days. Deliveries within Europe will take approximately 1-2 weeks and deliveries outside European Union will take 3-4 weeks. We have of course most articles in stock, but occasionally it may happen that some products have to be ordered, in which case the delivery times can vary from 3 weeks up to a few months.

Return policy
Exchange is only possible within The Netherlands. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, it must be exchanged in our factory by your own arrangement.

Payment methods
De Candelaer accepts two methods of payment: Credit card (Mastercard and Visa)

At De Candelaer  we value our customers and take all the necessary steps to protect their privacy.

Whenever you visit our website and request information you will in general remain anonymous.

We collect information from visitors to our site exclusively on a voluntary basis and will explain when asked how this information will be used.

Personal information includes: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Any personal information collected is used to respond to on-line questions, to service customer requests for information on De Candelaer products and to fulfill orders.

We do not sell or pass on personal information to third parties.

The web server compiles domain names of visitors to our site. This information is then processed in order to determine the number of visitors, the average visiting time and the number of requested pages.

We use this information to monitor the usage of the site and to assist us in improving its contents.

De Candelaer is committed to protect on-line visitor information against unauthorized access and use.

The consumer has the right to cancel the service giving no reason within two working days, from the date of order.

March, Delft 2017